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All hell breaks loose

Join us bi-weekly for an actual play campaign featuring The Expanse RPG by Green Ronin Publishing!

Follow the crew's adventures as they fly around the Cerberus System, a ring-gate solar system with three suns, two habitable worlds, and a lot of places for nefarious operatives to hide.

Raise a little hell with this crew of bounty hunters in a bountiful frontier!

The Hound of Hades Crew
Mauris "Rix" Dal
James Atwood
Gerry Faye
Miles Fairbanks
Fantasy AGE | 2nd Edition Review
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Fantasy AGE 2E

When we got the opportunity to review an early version of the Fantasy AGE second edition core book, we knew that we had to figure out how to do a campaign with it. It was only a matter of time! 

FAGE_00-02_section intro_Vasilchenko.png
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