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What's Meric working on?


Did you know that Meric (the mind behind Sky Hammer Press and Massive Damage Adventures) is a professional writer, editor, and digital marketing manager? In the last few years, he's been working on TTRPG products with some friendly publishing companies. Check them out!

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Low Stakes

Do you like What We Do in the Shadows? Have you ever wanted to play a game where you're a supernatural being living with roommates, getting into hijinks, and sharing it all with a documentary film crew? Look no further than Low Stakes by NerdBurger Games.

Operation Marseille

Picture this—your team is dropped behind enemy lines in Vichy France to disrupt an occult Nazi ritual rumoured to be a weapons test. The problem? Even if you succeed, you have to survive until dawn on the streets of Marseille, dodging cultists, militia, spies, and the influences of mythos power on your feeble mortal minds. Developed for Achtung! Cthulhu by Modiphius Entertainment.

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Alcoholic Drinks
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Whisky Dangerous

Code Name: Whisky Dangerous is complete but hasn't been announced by the publisher yet. But it's going to be pretty cool. In the middle of a major crisis, your characters must test their morals, dedication, and ingenuity in pursuit of riches and renown. 

Operation Ultimatum

During the hectic retreat towards Dunkirk and the evacuation after Germany's advances, a column of British Expeditionary Force soldiers are bombed by the Luftwaffe. Among those missing in action? A Section M researcher with a trove of valuable notes, books, and artifacts. Your team is sent in to recover the professor and his posessions, and you come up against bizarre resistance! This adventure was released for free for the Achtung! Cthulhu one-year anniversary and was played as a convention scenario at Dragonmeet 2022!

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Planet and Moon
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Meric has submitted Code Name: Spacewalk, another one that hasn't been announced by the publisher yet. From stealth to investigation to all out combat, this adventure is going to be a weird one.


Meric has submitted Code Name: Desertwalk, another one that hasn't been announced by the publisher yet. Instead of an adventure though, this project was all about setting, mechanics, and player options.

Desert Ibex
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Dark Rainforest Path
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The Malevolent Grove

As part of Modiphius Entertainment's Winter of Fear push leading into their epic Forest of Fear campaign release, Meric got the opportunity to write the penultimate product—a free clue, puzzle, and challenge-riddled forest. Its modular design lets you use it with any of the free Halloween Horrors or drop it into any ongoing campaign of your choice! Releasing December 2022.

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