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What Lies in Dreams?

In the second century, four heroes on the road to Laurium (a Roman outpost in Germania) get sidetracked into a tale of mystery, murder, and mayhem. 

We were commissioned by Modiphius Entertainment to produce a Cohors Cthulhu actual play to complement their Kickstarter!

Join us for a short campaign featuring the quickstart adventure Rude Awakening.

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Cohors Cthulhu

Set in the same universe as Achtung! Cthulhu by Modiphius Entertainment, Cohors Cthulhu takes the Mythos you know and love and moves it 1,700 years into the past. Now, instead of pulp-action heroes in World War II, you are frontierfolk and Roman citizens in a world of living adventure. 

Over 2,300 backers brought Cohors Cthulhu to life through Kickstarter, and if you missed the campaign you can sign up for a late pledge now.

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Following a devastating war of the gods, splintered powers dropped to the Earth. Atlantis rose from those remnants, but even Atlantis fell. In the second century AD, Rome carries on the legacy of these ancient powers, helped and hindered by Eldritch powers with their own designs and machinations.

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Short episodes

We're aiming for single-sitting episodes at 20 to 30 minutes each


Learn to play

Pop up commentary and full-screen rule cards teach and reinforce the rules for viewers


Heckin' good time

We're not taking ourselves too seriously, because a game should be fun

Meet the Heroes

A group of travellers bound together by circumstance and mystery, the Falcones Fortunae include a wolf-cult priestess, a taciturn hunter, a revolutionary on the run, and a Greek orator looking to take down the empire. Cults? No problem. They've got that covered. 

Learn how to Make a Character

Follow along in our Session Zero as we discover our characters and follow the Path of Heroes. Character creation in Cohors Cthulhu is completed in just a few easy steps, and this video has some summary graphics to help you learn.

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Falcones Fortunae

On their way to Laurium and the border of the Roman Empire in Germania, our soon-to-be heroes are ambushed by a group of vicious bandits! Following the attackers through the woods, the characters discover the sleepy and disconcerting town of Lupford. What secrets lie beneath a thin veneer of provincial life? Find out in Rude Awakening!

Watch it now on YouTube.

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