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Face the Ancient Empire!

June, 1941. The desert war in North Africa is heating up. Operation Sunflower, the offensive launched by Erwin Rommel's newly arrived Afrika Korps, has driven British and Commonwealth forces back to the Libyan-Egyptian border, and the vital port of Tobruk is under siege. 

And deep in the desert, Nazi occultists meddle with ancient powers better left sleeping...

Join us for an actual play campaign of The Serpent & The Sands!

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An Ophidian Menace!

The Serpent & The Sands is the third epic adventure released by Modiphius Entertainment for their Achtung! Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game. 

On top of a 10-mission, region-spanning adventure of mystery and danger, the book includes new character options, new equipment, new antagonists, and in-depth descriptions of what the Secret War looks like in North Africa.

Order it now!

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Achtung! Cthulhu is a pulp-action, Lovecraftian adventure game set in World War II where indefatigable soldiers, scientists, sorcerers, and other heroes face off against the deadly magics and horrifying technologies of Nazi organizations

Black Sun and Nachtwolfe. On their adventures, the agents of Section M also encounter deadly eldritch monstrosities and unknowable cosmic terrors.

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Short episodes

We're aiming for single-sitting episodes at 20 to 30 minutes each


Learn to play

Pop up commentary and full-screen rule cards teach and reinforce the rules for viewers


Heckin' good time

We're not taking ourselves too seriously, because a game should be fun

Meet the Agents

From an irascible gambler and a stodgy professor to a stubborn farmhand and a desert soldier, the Falcons of Fortune are ready to take on whatever the mythos has to offer! Cults, ancient empires, Nazi soldiers: they've got it covered.

Season of the Snake

Modiphius has pulled together blog posts, freebies, AMAs, and a contest to support the launch of The Serpent & The Sands, and it's called Season of the Snake! Head to their hub to see how you can follow along, find out what's coming up for Achtung! Cthulhu, and maybe even get your own one-page adventure published by Modiphius!

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Falcons of Fortune

Called to the Rose of the Desert tea shop by an old aquaintance of Gage's, these heroes dive into a tale of murder, exploration, survival, and intrigue. Thrilling chases across rooftops, amphibious assaults, a trek across the open sands, a besieged city, and more await you in this pulp-action adventure series in The Serpent & The Sands!

Watch it now on YouTube.

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