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From superheroic teens to the Final Frontier to the age before the Last Battle, we've been playing livestreamed games for two years now. We've also gotten to partner with companies including Roll20, Monte Cook Games, Modiphius Entertainment, Fandom Tabletop, NeverEnding, and Green Ronin Publishing to bring giveaways and extra perks to our viewers.

See you in Hell

Our current livestreamed project is a partnered The Expanse RPG campaign! Based in the Cerberus System, a solar system which we designed during our Beyond the Ring review stream, we follow the adventures of a crew of sometime explorers sometime pirate hunters. The Hound of Hades flies every second Monday!

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The Roman Frontier

Following the format that we established in our Falcons of Fortune actual play, this series features the new Lovecraftian Roman Empire game, Cohors Cthulhu by Modiphius Entertainment. Commissioned as part of the Kickstarter campaign, Falcones Fortunae follows four adventurers through the free quickstart adventure, Rude Awakenings.

Survive the Desert!

This experimental actual play campaign features The Serpent & The Sands by Modiphius Entertainment. What's experimental about it? Each episode is a single-sitting piece, 20 to 30 minutes long, heavily edited and full of learn to play pop ups and funny interjections! We hope you enjoy Falcons of Fortune, our first YouTube Achtung! Cthulhu campaign!

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Following up on our Lucy in the Sky bonus arc in Massive Damage Adventures Season 4, Homestead is a Cyberpunk RED campaign focusing on a labour dispute between Petrochem and the Amalgamated Man Union. Our job? Make sure this union succeeds. Episodes in this short campaign release can be found on Massive Damage Campaigns! 

A wind rose in the great wood south of arafel...

Season one of The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime premiered in late 2021, and we did a four-part aftershow and actual play to celebrate it! We talked about plot, costumes, differences from the books, casting, sets, effects, and everything else—and then we adventured through Randland in pursuit of shadowspawn and darkfriends.

Star Trek MDA Announcement ep9.png

To Boldly Go

A West Marches style campaign where a group of players rotated in and out of a persistent world changed and affected by every session. An ensemble cast, whose stories weave in and out of each other's. That was the idea for Star Trek Adventures: Shadows and Starlight! One of those stories? A haunted holodeck that may be more real than expected.

There's Trouble brewing

Our first Twitch campaign! Combining a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Scooby Gang feel with superheroes in a comic-book world, this is our love letter to things like Marvel's X-Men and DC's Arrowverse. It may all start in a mall, but these heroes have big places to get to!


The past comes Crashing In

Combining Arcana of the Ancients by Monte Cook Games with the world of Exandria, Rise of the Ancients is a D&D actual play podcast with hour-(ish)-long episodes. 

On a fateful evening during Winter's Crest, four adventurers come together to investigate a strange magical item... one that has no magic. 

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