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Titans must fall!

Rise of the Ancients is a D&D actual play podcast campaign set in Exandra, the world of Matthew Mercer's Critical Role. We also used Arcana of the Ancients, the sourcebook by Monte Cook Games that adds weird technology to your D&D games. 

Follow the adventures of a ranger, a bard, a rogue, and a druid as they make their way around Exandria investigating and thwarting the rise of ancient primordial powers entwined with technological wonders. 

Episodes are available on the Massive Damage Campaigns podcast.

Arcana of the Ancients Corridor.png

Three Seasons and counting


Glitz, glamour, and adventure

When a street kid with a magic item stumbles into a casino on Winter's Crest, our heroes begin a story that leads to a gargantuan primordial monstosity awakening. Their adventures take them from Kymal to Emon to Port Damali.


Through fire and flame and into the mountains

After a crushing defeat, the Titan Slayers regroup in a small town in Wildemount as the region tips towards annihilation. Old friends return, guests arrive, and previous story threads are explored.


The Jade Colossus beckons in Whitestone

Once again following the clues on Elden Thorngage's map of primordial activity, the Titan Slayers arrive in Whitestone. In the northern mining town of Ballarad they discover the greatest cache of Ancients technology yet.

The Titan Slayers
Tarkhan Twinsteel
Sumina "Sumi" Graclyne
Delilah Lordes

It's been almost two months since a primordial stone titan rose above the Tal'Dorei city of Kymal. Local forces were marshalled against it, but it was a group of adventurers who came to be known as the Titan Slayers who destroyed the creature's heart and brought its rampage to an end. Since then, those adventurers have travelled across continents seeking information about the enigmatic powers now stirring alongside these ancient creatures.

The Fancy Art

Extra special thanks to who has done two incredible illustration commissions for our Rise of the Ancients campaign!

TQ Shell and Tello.jpg

The First Game was For the Kids

Our very first session for this campaign was a Twitch livestream one shot during an Extra Life fundraising event.


Roll20, Monte Cook Games, and Ice Cream Dice all donated giveaways, and we helped raise money for the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

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