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Vive la Résistance!

Meric's first sole-writer credit on a printed TTRPG piece! An 84-page book with new character options, gear, spells, antagonists, and five one-page adventures.

If you want to play a resistance fighter in Achtung! Cthulhu, Vive la Résistance! is the resource you need. It's got historical overviews, five new archetypes (Assassin, Propagandist, Raider, Resistance Leader, and Saboteur), five new backgrounds, five new characteristics, over 30 new talents, and a whole new spellbook—Demonology.

For the Gamemasters looking for new stuff, Vive la Résistance! includes new allies and enemies for your players including heroes of the resistance (Valeria Kowalcyzk and Felipe Babineaux), gestapo, magic hunters, shapeshifters, and the supremely hateable Standartenführer Helmut Ziegler (watch out for him in even more upcoming stuff...). Plus a pair of demons to support the new spellbook!

There's also cool equipment to support your missions, from conventional resistance gear like safecracking kits and concealed explosives to weird stuff like a gas-powered grappling gun, time-dilation grenades, and the mysterious living keys of Ayrshire.

Want more? There's more! Gamemasters also get five pages of tables to Madlibs generate resistance-themed missions as well as five one-page adventures each with a map and 10 additional adventure seeds to help you customize the mission for your table.




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